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Actor - Filmmaker - Model - All Around Kid

 "'Naga Pixie' is the story of a fairy (Trinity Breane Perio) that persistently reminds Jason (Hobbs) and his friends to respect nature, animals and the environment. The film, which is set in Baltimore, reminds audiences that there is beauty in every natural environment, even in the heart of the city’s urban’s time for Baltimore’s acclaimed director and screenwriter of the film 'Hairspray' to move over— there is a new talent in town!" - The Baltimore Times (August 19, 2016)


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Award winning Baltimore filmmaker Anthony Michael Hobbs’ Releases Trailer for his new short film Naga Pixie 

Anthony Michael Hobbs’ of the Emmy Nominated ‘The Abolitionist’ Preps for May 30, 2016 Release of his Second Short Film, Naga Pixie


(Baltimore, MD – April 6, 2016) – Eleven year-old actor/filmmaker Anthony Michael Hobbs (Emmy Nominated PBS Special ‘The Abolitionist’) released the trailer for his second short film titled “Naga Pixie”, starring himself as Jason Burrow and Trinity Breanne Perio as Naga Pixie. The film is produced through his company Imagination Lunchbox, LLC. On May 30, 2016 Hobbs will release “Naga Pixie” as his second short film. Anthony released his first short film, titled “One Nation”, when he was age 9. The film was screen at 10 film festivals and won at four.

Anthony wrote, produced, directed as well as starred in the short film as Jason Burrow. Jason and his group of friends are trying to figure out why Naga Pixie (Perio) is always nagging about things they think are trivial such as not hurting animals and respecting nature. Through a series of events Jason and his friends learn that things are not what they seem.

Also starring in “Naga Pixie” (Imagination Lunchbox) is Trey Feledy as Jason’s best friend Alex Hamilton, Kendall Clark as his friend Alexia Smith, Noah Thomas as Bart Allen, Kayla Johnson as Serena Keith, and Amanda Trinh as Jasmine Oftheives. Watch the movie trailer to “Naga Pixie” at

Anthony Michael Hobbs’ first film One Nation has screen at 10 film festivals which includes the Gold Coast Film Festival (Port Washington, NY); the Gary International Black Film Festival (Gary, Indiana); the Aurora Picture Show Extremely Young Film Festival (Houston); the Alhambra Theatre Film Festival (Indiana); the West Chester Film Festival (Pennsylvania); the Montclair Film Festival (New Jersey); the San Diego International Kids Film Festival, and the Ocktober Film Festival (New York). To date Anthony Michael Hobbs has garnered four awards - the Alhambra Theatre Film Festival’s “Spirit Award”; the Montclair Film Festival’s “Grand Prize for Kidz Shortz”; the Ocktober Film Festival’s “Best Youth Filmmaker,” and the Gary International Black Film Festival’s “Best Youth Short.”


The Global Stars Network multi-award winning actor is best known for his roles as young Frederick Douglass in the 2013 Emmy Award nominated PBS Special “The American Experience: The Abolitionist” ( starring actor/director Richard Brooks (“Law & Order,” The Crow) and in the DreamWorks documentary “How to Train Your Dragon: Dragons and Dinosaurs” (

Also a model Hobbs has appeared in national print campaigns for Finish Line athletics’ chain; Philadelphia based Urban-inspired footwear chain Villa; Charles River Apparel 2015 catalogue, and for the USDA’s Healthy Kids 2011 national print campaign.  In addition, Anthony Michael is a motivational speaker who has appeared as a guest speaker for former NFL player Joel Gamble’s (Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans) “Joel Gamble Foundation: Career Scholars Program”, and for the Root Branch Academy’s Youth Film Festival.

For more information on Anthony Michael Hobbs log onto or contact his management at 410-908-4869. For more information on Naga Pixie log onto, you can also view the trailer there.


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 In his role, Anthony witnessed “his (screen) aunt being savagely whipped by her master,” said Rob Rapley, director, writer and producer of “The Abolitionists.”
Only on-screen for a few minutes, Anthony captured “an emotional range that few children of his age can match,” Rapley said.... “It’s not something most 6-year- olds have experienced or can convey,” Rapley said. “To find a 6-year-old who could do it successfully was a very nice surprise.”
Anthony’s role is nonverbal, “which in some ways is more difficult,” Rapley said. “If you have a speaking role, you can let the words do a bit of the work for you. He really seemed like a natural actor, which is a rare thing at 6 years old.”                                          
                                                                                       - Rob Rapley, director, writer and producer PBS' The American Experience: 
                                                                                         The Abolitionist via
The Catholic Review


Anthony and his 5 awards won at the Global Stars Network Convention Ensenada Mexico 


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