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 In his role, Anthony witnessed “his (screen) aunt being savagely whipped by her master,” said Rob Rapley, director, writer and producer of “The Abolitionists.”

Only on-screen for a few minutes, Anthony captured “an emotional range that few children of his age can match,” Rapley said.
“It’s not something most 6-year- olds have experienced or can convey,” Rapley said. “To find a 6-year-old who could do it successfully was a very nice surprise.”

Anthony’s role is nonverbal, “which in some ways is more difficult,” Rapley said. “If you have a speaking role, you can let the words do a bit of the work for you. He really seemed like a natural actor, which is a rare thing at 6 years old.”
                                                                                       - Rob Rapley, director, writer and producer PBS' The American Experience: 
                                                                                         The Abolitionist via The Catholic Review

Click Here to see Anthony's Interview in Backstage Magazine and Backstage Online

Click here to watch the extended version of the PBS promotion of The American Experience: The Abolishionist
- Anthony plays a young Frederick Douglass - Airing January 8, 2013

Freelance Associates
Contact: Eunice Moseley
3624 Lime Avenue #Rear
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Off: (562) 424-3836
Baltimore award winning actor Anthony Michael Hobbs performs a dramatic reading at the Baltimore Book Festival Sunday,
September 28, 2014
Young actor, Anthony Michael Hobbs, to read Dr. LaMarr Shields’ book ‘Miguel’s Amazing Book Adventure’ at the Baltimore Book Festival
 (Baltimore, MD – September 10, 2014) – Young Baltimore actor Anthony Michael Hobbs (Emmy nominated “The Abolitionist”) will perform a dramatic reading at the Baltimore Book Festival Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. The hour-long schedule includes a reading of Dr. LaMarr Shields’ (who will be in attendance) book “Miguel’s Amazing Book Adventure” at The Enoch Pratt Free Library Children’s Stage. After the reading Hobbs, Dr. Shields, and the book’s illustrator Nathaniel Johnson will be on hand for a Question and Answer (Q & A) session.
Dr. LaMarr Darnell Shields is a bilingual activist, author, educator, public speaker, poet, social entrepreneur, and the co-founder and President the Cambio Group, and the creator of the Paul Robeson Academic International School of Excellence (PRAISE) (a collaboration with the Johns Hopkins School of Education that helps African-American and Latino males become competitive applicants to four-year colleges and universities). “Miguel’s Amazing Book Adventure” is about a 3rd grader who hates books but loves adventure, and discovers a magical book when bad weather forces him to stay in doors.
Anthony Michael’s acting credits includes performances in film, such as his role as a young Frederick Douglass in the 2013 Emmy Award nominated PBS special “The American Experience: The Abolitionist,” as well as his starring role in DreamWorks documentary “How to Train Your Dragon: Dragons and Dinosaurs” (; United Way ‘s PSA (; Norwegian Cruise-Line’s commercial; several PBS Sprout Network mini-segments; “SkWids” kids’ on-line Internet show; the national classroom program called KinderRhyme - which appears in over 2600 school programs, and in a Comcast’s Xfinity segment.
His theater credits include Nolan Williams, Jr.’s holiday musical presentation “Christmas Gift!” and a stage play titled “In a Roundabout Way.” Also a model Hobbs has appeared in marketing campaigns that include the Finish Line athletic chain print and in-store signage, Villa retail chain’s website and in-store signage, and the USDA Healthy Kids’ national print campaign. Also a voice-over actor Anthony Michael’s voice can be heard in an instructional video for advertising firm TBWA World Wide - the largest advertising holding company in the world.
Anthony Michael Hobbs is also a winner of eight Global Stars Network acting awards. When not acting and going on auditions Anthony reads, plays sports, dances, and spends time with his dog.
For more information on Anthony Michael Hobbs log onto his website at or contact his management at 410-908-4869.
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Freelance Associates

Contact: Eunice Moseley

P. O. Box 36876

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Off: (866) 938-5220




Baltimore actor Anthony Hobbs’ supporting role project, PBS’ ‘The Abolitionist,’ receives Emmy nomination


Anthony Michael Hobbs stars in Comcast On-Demand segment

airing this summer


(Baltimore, MD – July 19, 2013) – At eight years-old Anthony Michael Hobbs, an outstanding young Baltimore actor, has already accumulated multi-awards (eight Global Stars Network Awards) for his skills, but recently his supporting role project, PBS’ “The American Experience: The Abolitionist,” received an Emmy Award nomination for “Outstanding Documentary or NonFiction Series.” Anthony plays a young Frederick Douglass at age 6 years old. In addition, you can currently see Anthony in a national Comcast On-Demand segment, Xfinity “Summer of Kids” campaign, airing this summer.


Anthony Michael’s scenes in “The Abolitionist” were so profound it is used in the trailer and promotions of the series as well as having a featured individual website  on PBS’ The American Experience website (Frederick Douglass Begins to Understand Slavery: ). The docu-series premiered January 8, 2013 and stars actor/director Richard Brooks (“Law & Order,” The Crow), who plays an adult Frederick Douglass.


The three-hour documentary aired in three parts on January 8, 15 and 23rd as part of PBS’ American Experience Series. Frederick Douglass is one of five abolitionists highlighted that rallied to end slavery. The other four abolitionist included William Lloyd Garrison, Harriet Beecher Stowe, John Brown and Angelina Grimke’. 


The Xfinity “Summer of Kids” program offers more than 1,000 On-Demand choices this summer by showcasing family-friendly content from top brands such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Sprout, Cartoon Network, Angry Birds Toons, PBS KIDS, the HUB Network, Dreamworks and NBCUniversal.


Anthony also appears in a United Way PSA (UW PSA: and a Norwegian Cruise-Line extended version of one of their commercials that airs during the cruise-line voyages.


Anthony Michael’s big moves don’t stop there he stars in the PBS Sprout Network current mini-segment on the ‘Sunnyside Up Show,’ that started airing March, 2013. He also co-stars in two other PBS Sprout Network segments, “Claritin Kids Allergy Medicine” and “Good Night Show”.


On top of that, the talented young actor stars in a PSA spot for the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC). As a voice over actor Anthony’s voice can be heard on an instructional video for advertising firm TBWA World Wide - the largest advertising holding company in the world.


Hobbs also stars in the Dreamworks documentary “How to Train Your Dragon: Dragons and Dinosaurs” that premiered at “Live Dragon” shows, ( throughout Australia (2013) ending in the United States. The Dreamworks documentary is also available on DVD.


You can also see Anthony in the “SkWids” kids’ on-line Internet show at, an on-line version of such children oriented shows as “Sesame Street.” Produced by Southwestern Advantage, “SkWids" is a program designed to entertain and educate children (ages 6 – 10). Hobbs is seen in the national classroom program called KinderRhyme. KinderRhyme is a program of Success for All Foundation (SFAF), which appears in over 2600 preschool, elementary, middle and high school programs.


Other acting projects include the film Waiting for Godot; an industrial commercial for the U.S. National Parks Services; a Baltimore County Recycling commercial; a Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger commercial, and Hobbs appeared in USDA’s Healthy Kids 2011 print campaign.


For more information on Anthony Michael Hobbs log onto his website at or contact his management at 410-908-4869.


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Anthony and his 5 awards won at the Global Stars Network Convention Ensenada Mexico 


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